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My modification to work with any remote control

I show how I hacked my RGB light strip DIODER from Ikea to work with my remote control so you can try it or even start from scratch buying all the parts separately (which would be cheaper).


Extra parts, beside the Light Strip from Ikea:

  • Arduino. I used an Arduino Nano but works with any Arduino.

  • IR Receiver. I used the CHQ 1838B but basically any 38 KHz IR receiver should work. Just check the pin layout on your IR receiver because might be different than mine.

  • Cables.

Parts, beside the ones mention before, if you are starting from scratch:

  • 3 N-Channel MOSFET.

  • 3 resistors of around 1K.

  • 12V power supply.

  • RGB LED strip of 4 pins and 12V. There are others RGB LED strips that have 5 pins (1 extra for dedicated white LED) that could work too but you need to make modifications to my design, if you do.


I didn't mention the buttons and the potentiometer because that's optional and I want to focus on how to hack the Ikea DIODER. But if you also want them remember to put a pull-up resistor (10K) to each button.

[Download] Remote_Control_RGB.ino

Watch the video I made explaining how I did everything:

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